Speak in Spanish NYC Conversational Spanish lessons

Conversational Spanish Lessons, All Levels

  • Learn Spanish from the beginning
  • Build up your language skills gradually
  • Speak from the beginning



Beginner Level

  • Learn basic Spanish language skills
  • Acquire a fundamental background in Spanish grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Build speaking, listening and reading skills
  • Communicate in simple and routine tasks on familiar matters
Intermediate Level

  • Take your Spanish language skills to the next level of complexity and proficiency
  • Discuss current events and read simple articles in Spanish language newspapers and books
  • These lessons are built upon the basic skills achieved during the Beginner Level Conversational Lessons. 
Advanced Level

    • Expand your vocabulary and knowledge of Spanish grammar
    • Strengthen speaking, listening & reading comprehension skills.
    • Develop your writing skills in Spanish
    • These lessons build upon the level of proficiency achieved in the Intermediate Level.